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Welcome to Jackie Rae's corner of the internet! Jackie is a passionate multimedia journalist with a keen focus on community issues and stories that matter. With a background in journalism that spans over a decade, Jackie has honed the craft of storytelling through various mediums, ensuring that news reaches audiences in engaging and impactful ways.

Jackie is not just a journalist; she is a storyteller, a voice for the voiceless, and a beacon of truth in a sea of noise. Her work spans across video, written stories, and social media shorts, always aiming to shed light on stories that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

In addition to her journalism work, Jackie hosts a weekly podcast that features insightful conversations with political and community leaders. She is also an editor for a monthly online magazine that celebrates Black Excellence in sports, showcasing the personal pursuits of athletes and their inspiring journeys.

Join Jackie as she continues to uncover stories that inspire, inform, and ignite change. Together, let's amplify the voices that need to be heard and make a difference in our communities.

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